Headed by its founder, Dr. Mohammad Abushaikha, AL-NUKHBAH Drug Store operates a corporate office, a showroom,  and an extensive warehousing facility in Amman, Jordan.

Its reputation for sales excellence has been acquired over twenty years since its establishment in 1998. Our Jordanian-  owned company distributes quality medical products and equipment on behalf of manufacturers all over the world.

Today, AL-NUKHBAH Drug store provides a comprehensive yet diverse range of products of well-known brands.  Furthermore, the products are conveniently warehoused, ready to deliver as and when required. AL-NUKHBAH Drug  Store is a leader in supplying quality handicapped, respiratory,Diagnostic , wellbeing products, orthopedic ,compression garments and plastic surgery implants .

Over the years, AL-NUKHBAH Drug Store team has proven to have excellent technical knowledge , professionalism and connection’s with the main critical care units in the privet and public sector’s which keeping us to urge   for expanding our portfolio in the critical care sector

  • Mission Statement

    Our company is guided by integrity, high ethical  standards and respect for employees, customers, and  competitors.

    We believe in individual responsibility and the  empowerment of our workforce. We encourage a  culture where the diversity of individual employees is  respected.

  • Corporate Goals

    The company’s objective is to build on AL-  NUKHBAH Drug Store’s success within Jordan  and expand into regional markets.

    We aim to maintain and grow our market share  and improve our profitability by focusing on  product positioning and overall cost efficiency.

  • Sales Specialists

    At AL-NUKHBAH Drug Store, our sales team is  technically qualified and experienced with the  products we market. Continual clinical and product  training ensures that our sales team provides  customers with the latest product information and  support.