Compreboot Plus

Lymphedema, venous disease and wound care are just a few
of the indications that SIGVARIS GROUP compression garments can help manage.
Clinicians, dealers and patients have all contributed to the design and features of every SIGVARIS GROUP product.
The result is a range of products to address many types of edema, but with a single purpose:
To achieve an improved quality of life.


  • Ideal for chronic/acute edema/lymphedema
  • Chipped foam lining
  • Removable gripper patches provide traction
  • Straps are removable for custom positioning or replacement
  • Provides moderate, therapeutic compression

Compression level

≤40 mmHg

 Flexible options for the foot and ankle

Foot and ankle compression is important for healing. Compreflex® inelastic wraps include both compressive and non-compressive liner options for lower extremity support. Plus two foot wraps. Compreboot Standard for the moderate compression and Compreboot Plus for the higher extremity support.


Compression Level ≤40 mmHg




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