G3 A20 – Auto CPAP –

BMC G3 A20
BMC’s brand new generation of auto-adjusting pressure device with integrated humidifier, heated tubing and wireless connectivity.

Pressure auto adjusting
G3 A20 features with the function of providing continuous various treatment pressure with the variation of the upper airway throughout the night giving you ultra comfort.

CSA detection
When an apnea occurs, the device emits oscillating waves, and
determines the type of apnea based on changes in airflow and

Smart C / A/ B Feature
G3 series devices upgraded the new intelligent pressure adjusting
technology, according to the residual AHI of last 5 valid treatment
days, in the CPAP, Auto CPAP and Auto S mode, to adjust the
treatment pressure within a certain range.

PM2.5 Filtration
Stronger filter material, with larger air intake, without affecting the
performance of the device, to further filter the inhaled air, it has a
good effect for sensitive users,

Before starting the treatment, you can turn on the preheating function at any time. Within 30 minutes, the water in the humidifier can reach the ideal temperature and humidity, so that you can enjoy the warm and humid air at the beginning of the treatment and make you comfortable all night.

Auto Ramp
Without setting a specific ramp timet the device firstly works with a low treatment pressure, until it detects that the user has fallen asleep, then gradually increases the pressure to treatment pressure. With Auto Ramp, it only provides the required treatment when the user needs it.

Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Control — Auto humidifier & heated tubing
G3 series devices can be equipped with integrated heated tubing. When the level of humidifier and heated tubing is set to be Auto, the working level can be adjusted intelligently according to the temperature and humidity of the environment. While improving the humidification effect as far as possible, the condensate water can be avoided, so that users can enjoy a better treatment experience, inadvertently,

New Appearance and Ul Design
The new design makes it more like a household work of art and makes you fall in love with it at a glance.
We have nearly 20 years of sleep therapy experience, we know more about the user’s habits based on that, the newly designed Ul makes users more convenient, what you see is what you get. It also has the feature of showing environmental temperature and humidity, makes it more than just a ventilator.

Accessaries Reminder
Most users are not very clear or pay little attention to the device maintenance and replacement of accessories. 03 series devices provide a reminder function of accessaries, so that users can easily know the use of accessories and replace them regularly so as to improve the treatment effect.

Innovative PUSH structure integrated humidifier
Innovative PUSH structure water chamber of humidifier can be most conveniently to disassemble and assemble, the most amazing thing is the water can be added without removing the water chamber down, which is very convenient.

One button start and stop
G3 series devices have independent start-stop whether to start or stop treatment, with anti-mistake key, can bring you a more convenient experienceز



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