MTf smooth comfort

When to use the compression vest MTf smooth Comfort?

  • Recommended for use after arm surgery; arm lifts (brachioplasty), liposuction of the arms or armpit surgery, liposuction of the back
  • The vest is also suitable for lipoedema patients because the garment provides the correct compression necessary for strengthening arms

Colour version

  • natural, black

Product description

  • Post-operative female vest with long sleeves and thumb loop; suitable after arm surgery, arm lifts (brachioplasty), arm liposuction or armpit surgery, back liposuction
  • Also suitable for lipoedema patients, because the garment provides the correct compression necessary for supporting and aiding strength through arms and hands. This garment is also recommended for patients with lymphatic problems of upper limbs. It aids lymphatic drainage and toxins removal, whilst promoting healthy blood circulation toward the heart.
  • The breast cups of the vest are moulded with flat vertical seams to prevent irritation in breast area
  • The compression garment covers the entire chest, arms and abdomen to waist with a wide elastic band to prevent the garment from chafing or rolling up
  • It contains a special thumb loop, which ensures compression around wrist and prevents the sleeve from rolling up
  • The zip fastening is placed at the front part of the garment


  • There is a zipper closure at the front underlain with support hooks to facilitate ease of dressing post operatively and beyond
  • The vest can be completely opened


  • CLASSIC material – made exclusively for LIPOELASTIC® brand
  • The material has been awarded the Oeko-Tex certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex, etc.)
  • Material composition: 72 % POLYAMIDE, 28 % ELASTANE

More specifics

The textile label is sewn on the outside of the garment to avoid unpleasant itching of the skin in this area.




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