G2S B20S / B25S – BPAP for Sleep Therapy –

G2S B20S / B25S – BiPAP for Sleep Apnea –

G2S B20S / B25S are bi-level devices for users who are not well compliant with a fixed-pressure CPAP device.

G2S series BPAP Systems adopt intelligent synchronization technologies, including adjustable trigger settings (l Sens and E Sens) and inspiration time control (Ti Min and Ti Max) etc.

Automatic leakage and altitude compensation ensure the therapy accuracy anywhere.

All G2S series BPAP adopt CSA detection.

Reslex exhalation pressure release feature let you fall asleep at a lower pressure easily.

Easy data access: iCode and SD card records can be viewed and evaluate though RESmart PC software or BMC+ iCode smart phone App.

Newly designed integrated humidifier has large heating plate (> 50 cm2), which ensures excellent humidifying capacity and improves comfort.

The water chamber with drawing structure and opening covert is more convenient to fill water and clean.

Designed with integrated humidifier, RESmart G2S is smaller, lighter and more affable.

3-button control panel, simple and easy to use.



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