PSG special Comfort

Colour version

  • white, black

Product description

  • A worldwide bestseller post-operative compression bra PI special in a set with the higher breast band SG Velcro fastener
  • Seamless cotton post-operative compression bra designed for all types of breast surgeries
  • The bra features a wide rubber and elastane band under the bust preventing bra from chafing or rolling up in any way. The band is designed to be so soft that it appears as a continuation of the bra itself and thus, does not interfere with scar tissue
  • A higher décolletage covers the entire chest; after augmentation (breast enlargement using implants) it stabilizes the position of the implant and helps it to cling to the breast tissue, exactly as the surgeon demands
  • The higher stabilizer band SG is ergonomically shaped around armpits, which means there is no pressure, thus maximizing comfort

Design of cups

  • Heat-moulded seamless cups for the perfect comfort and support of your breasts
  • The cups are reinforced with double lined fabric for optimal compression in key areas


  • This bra features a front zipper underlain with hooks for easier handling and dressing
  • Shoulder straps with four rows of hooks and eyes to allow adjustment in compression level as needed
  • Breast band with front Velcro fastener


  • The material has been awarded Oeko-Tex certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful or allergenic substances (such as latex)
  • The bra is made from cotton, a pleasant material that provides comfort for your skin
  • The breast band is made of a breathable material from lightweight rubber and with a Velcro fastener above the breast
  • Material composition of the bra: 59 % COTTON, 32 % POLYAMIDE, 9 % ELASTANE
  • Material composition of the breast band: 83 % POLYAMIDE, 17 % ELASTANE

More specifics

The textile label is sewn on the outside of the garment to avoid unpleasant itching of the skin in this area.




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