Stella System

Combining the simplicity of manual disinfection with a semi-automated washer disinfector, the Stella System offers quick, mobile, and economic reprocessing of single-lumened and non-lumened, heat-sensitive medical devices.

With a high-level disinfection cycle of five minutes, or when cleaning is included a total cycle time of ten minutes, the Stella System enables medical devices to be reprocessed quickly. This short reprocessing time allows facilities to operate with fewer devices, reducing costs and increasing patient throughput.

Tristel Clean for Stella removes soil and bioburden and Tristel Fuse for Stella destroys microorganisms of concern. To protect single-lumened devices, the Stella System monitors and adjusts the pressure of the Tristel chemistry passing through the lumen.

The Stella System is a small, lightweight unit measuring between 70cm and 82cm wide, 48cm long, and 18cm high. When empty the weight is 5.5kg. The base and lid can be stacked and the system packed away for transportation, providing a feasible option when space is limited.




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